Mostly Gaming Announcement

Hey all!

First of all, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whom has supported me over the past couple of years. I’ve had a lot of fun writing articles and talking crap. However, the time has come for me to move on a bit.

I’m still doing stuff related to gaming. In fact, whilst this is the last article I will write as the owner of Mostly Gaming for a while, this is not the last you will hear of me. I am still updating the YouTube Channel on a quasi-regular basis. You can find it here, please subscribe and share with your friends!

What am I doing? As it happens, I’m trying to put more focus into my development of Scribbles: A Pen N Pencil Adventure, which will hopefully be my big break-out in the wonderful scary world of game development. Given I’m literally the only sucker currently working on it, this might take a little while. But I’m working pretty hard on it nonetheless. I actually intend to turn Mostly Gaming into the Scribbles: Pen N Pencil Adventure Blog soon so I can give occasional development updates to this little pet project.

However I still have to balance this with real-life, so don’t expect anything major from this until next year at the earliest. I’ll update this blog with snips of it here and there but I doubt I’ll be making any grand announcement just yet. I’m still hammering out the actual game code as well as what I want to really do.

If you’re really curious, actual gameplay video will go up on YouTube once I have some more concrete details to bring into it. But let me say right now it is really ambitious and will hopefully blow you all away once it gets a bit further into development.


Once again, this is James signing off from Blogging (for now). Again, thank you very much for reading, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my article and I will see you all again very soon!

Anime Crossover Wishlist: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Gotta admit I think I’m pushing it a touch with this one. Does Amethyst count as anime?

Even if it doesn’t, there’s enough in her design and powers alone to make her an interesting character. Aside from wielding a “Gem Sword”, she has a few beam powers and seems acrobatic. I would like to think she also had crystal creation powers but that might be over-the-top. Amethyst in her modern incarnation resembles a japanese Magical Girl then other superheroes, making her an odd fit for DC.

She even has an “Ultimate” attack raring to go! See this episode;

Admittedly, this character gets very little publicity and seems a bit vague. Amethyst is cool, though her comic series never really took off. Seems a shame honestly.

Anime Crossover Wishlist: Squid Girl

Squid Girl is a bit of a gag show, where most episodes are centred around the delivery of jokes. The premise is that Squid Girl is an inept lifeforms from the sea who tries to take over the world. Her efforts are squashed as she’s essentially forced into working at a beach house to pay a debt she built up.Shinryaku_ika_musume_2_by_madwulf-d30kryv

Similar to Haruhi in the Melancholy of, Squid Girl is a character that pretty much steals her own show. She’s loud, boisterous and watching her pride get shattered is really funny in a dark kind of way.

She isn’t without talent either. Besides the ability to swim and breath underwater, Squid Girl is able to use the tentacles on her head for a variety of uses. They can stretch amazing distances, plow through virtually any substance and are dexterous to the point they can grab anything.

Her other major talents include spitting ink and altering her wight. Like a real squid she can spit said ink from her mouth and attack an enemy, potentially blinding them. Her weight abilities are a bit different but they could be used to give her tackles and punches more of a kick. Her tentacles would give her some incredible reach long beyond


Not as perverse as you think

Super and Finisher moves are a bit harder to think of, mainly because she doesn’t have much going beyond this. Some kind of combo finisher might work, grappling a foe then duplexing them for example. Or that ray gun from an mid-season one episode.

One thing I thought could also be cool is seeing her interact with Korosensei, another tentacled character whom is often described as an octopus. I can see them starting off as friendly since Squid Girl reacts warmly when she thought Takamaru was another squid boy in that one episode. But then maybe Korosensei’s arrogance at being unkillable makes her get angry with him. No doubt that either way it would be hilarious to watch.


Anime Crossover Wishlist: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer starts off it’s first episode like some kind of Fantasy epic adventure; hero goes to defeat the evil overlord, etc.

Then the action shifts to earth and suddenly the anime becomes a slice-of-life style simplistic show that runs mostly on comedy, with some good action segments when it gets going.

Which brings me to the first of two characters I want to suggest for this fantasy crossover game.


Introducing Satan, known as Sadao Maou to his colleagues, former evil overlord and up-and-coming hot taken at the local McGronalds.

Sadao’s lack of magic means he’d easily be one of the more mundane attackers of the game, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mop and broom be worked in as weaponry. Especially since, during a moment where he transforms into his true form thanks to suddenly regaining his magic, he transforms it into a massive sword.

In fact his true form might be worth using as some manner of Super Attack. When transformed obviously his stats would rise and he’s gain the use of his magic. His infamous megaton punch might make another good finisher move.

In terms of stats, in his normal form I imagine him being the “Mario” or “Ryu” of the charters with all-round stats.

The other character I wanted to talk about was Sadao’s main enemy, Emmy.


Despite appearing to be a bog-standard office worker, Emmy actually has the power to use a mythical sword known as “Better Half”. In a similar manner to Excalibur she can manifest this sword more or less at will alongside her armour.

Using said armour and sword she not only attacks head on she can also fire off magical blasts to attack enemies from a distance. So this makes her interesting in the sense that even at close range, her sword would be able to out-reach most physical combatants.


Did I mention Emmy’s hair turns white? It turns white.

In terms of Super or Finisher moves, I don’t even really know what Emmy’s best move is. She can use flame and ice-based attacks dependant on her sword, showing that she has no problems weirding elements. Perhaps she can randomly pick one when the Super Move is activated? Or combine both for a finisher?

So between them I can actually imagine Sadao coming up with some kind of new scheme to take over with Emmy of course out to stop hm.

Honestly I think with all the characters I’ve been picking so far, they’d have no issues working together within the understanding of their own stories. I might even try writing  bare-bones simple story to try and figure out who would do what and where.

Anyway, the real problem with this anime is that there isn’t really a decent open location for fighting. Sadaou works at a not-McDonalds and Emmy works in a call centre. Other areas of interest include random streets of Tokyo and their respective houses. I guess in theory one could have a fight on the street in front of a McGronald’s, with Chiho and the others watching from the background. Not sure.

Anime Crossover Wishlist: Danganronpa

Similar to my suggestion for Kancolle, I’ve picked an anime based on an actual videoagme, in this case Danganronpa.



Which brings me onto today’s character; Monokuma. The merciless master of Hope’s Peak Academy.
What makes this guy unique amongst potential fighters is his size. He only comes up to about your knees or waist, making him around 3 and a half feet tall. His main weapons would involve him using his claws in various slash attacks.

True to his nature in the games however, he could also use various traps to attack foes, such as using floor spikes, ceiling machine guns and bombs.eoxnbrl

As we all know, one of Monokuma’s defining traits is his “death by irony” Executions. As a Finisher move his Executions could be tailor made, though I suspect watching beloved characters like Haruhi or Naruto go through these kinds of fates would be a touch too much for some players.

For examples of these executions, if you’re unaware, please see the below video;

The other reason Monokuma might not make it in a fighter is that the Executions clock in at around 1:30, and I don’t know many games that draw out cutscenes for a whole minute thirty seconds. Then again this might be an interesting way to do a finisher, as after all Monokuma just loves rubbing his foe’s nose in their untimely mistakes.

Anime Crossover Wishlist: OverLord

As one of the more recent Anime I’ve watched, OverLord seems like it’d be great to be represented in our hypothetical game.


Who else was I going to select? Lord Momonga, better known as Ains Ooal Gown, is the only representative this anime needs. He’d obviously be quite slow but his powerful long range magic would ensure he’d be able to keep foes at a distance. Examples of his powerful moves include Reality Slash, Dragon Lightning, Fallen Down (not sure what it does but it seems powerful) and his extremely powerful Negative Burst.

Overlord_EP12_035In terms of his finisher and ultimate moves perhaps he can use Black Hole – a move that’s simple and sucks in the opponent – which if the anime is anything to do with it makes it his strongest move. In a game scenario, if you’re using a pair of fighters it could potentially disable one for a short time. Of course it could also be an instant kill move that’s really hard to land or something.


The Great Tomb of Nazarick is Ain’s home and it could make for a great “dual” stage with two different variations. As you’d expect, you could fight on both the outside and the one on the inside the Throne Room, perhaps with some of the other guardians watching.


Of course, for OverLord to be truly represented, you need the intro as background music;

Anime Crossover Wishlist: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is both a unique character and a unique anime. But because of it’s status as a “high school drama” anime with quasi-scifi elements there are no true “fighters”.

Which is exactly why Haruhi would very much be a joke character.


Haruhi, for lack of a better term, is pushy and bossy. She often agrees to do things and then drags her hapless friend Kyon into doing it for her. As such, when you select Haruhi to fight, you’d actually end up controlling Kyon. Harsh would of course stand on the sideline, giving orders.

When they win, Haruhi would be there with the cheese V for Victory animation whilst the others watch on and groan.

For special attacks… It’s kinda hard to imagine. However, Haruhi and Kyon’s friends are (secretly) a robot girl, a time traveller and an esper. Because of their secretive nature, they might only be able to attack when Haruhi turns her back to the camera. Robot Girl Yuki could generate items to attack the enemy with, time traveller Mikuru could do something involving taking the opponent into the future – perhaps removing them from play perhaps? Finally, the esper Itsuki could come in for some Dragonball-style badassery.

As for an ultimate attack, perhaps the three superheroes come in for a combo attack. Not sure how but it would at least be fun to watch.

If you’ve never seen this anime before, here’s the opening sequence.

Really, the whole point of the joke character is you don’t take them seriously. This is one anime that may never appear in a fighting game, but it wouldn’t be bad to see someone attempt it at least.

Of course, when they beat the hypothetical story or arcade mode, the ending has to be a CGI of the rather famous ending, seen below;

Anime Crossover Wishlist: Akame Ga Kill

Arame Ga Kill is a pretty fun, dark anime, but it has one of the most boring protagonists ever.


Tatsumi, the boy pictured above, is such a stereotypically bland hero that he’s the first primary character in any anime that I don’t want to see as a main character. Instead, Akame is a much more interesting character. Akame is the one with black hair above.

Admittedly, you’d have to negate her sword’s normal ability, as it would literally kill people in a single blow. Then again it might be she can hit an opponent and they gradually start losing health. Then it would be a case of the opponent having to get in and deal as much damage as possible to KO Akame before their own HP runs out. It would provide a really interesting style of gameplay; to compensate for a potentially overpowered ability Akame would have to have the lowest or one of the lowest amounts of HP possible.


Also, as a change from my habit of picking main characters + sidekicks, how’s about General Esdeath as the other character?


Esdeath is the closest thing Akame Ga Kill has to a final Boss and she doesn’t pull and punches.

Taught from a young age about survival of the fittest, Esdeath is ruthless in her pursuits and loves fighting above all else. It wasn’t until she got her hands on the pot of Devil’s Blood that that she gained the ability to control and injure ice, an ability that she showed great flexibility with.

Unlike Akame, I think Esdeath would be a slower character who excels at defence rather then pure offence. This would make sense for her as she’s supposed to be a character that loves torturing people and generally inflicting pain, meaning she would prefer to take her time in a good battle situation.


Those are the two I’d pick from Akame Ga Kill… Can you think of any others?

Anime Crossover Wishlist: Assassination Classroom

Super short one this time, simply because there’s only one character I could pick in this anime and he’s already in that J-Stars thing.


Let’s face it, the only character we need from this anime is Korosensei – the unkillable teacher who can regenerate lost limbs and even fly at Mach 20.

His tentacles can stretch and move as he commands, meaning he actually is able to deal with both long and short range attacks with relative ease. There’s no denying either that he would be the fastest character in any video game that requires quick movement. Now I re-read that I kinda want to see him VS Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unlike most anime there’s a small variety of places we can pick an ideal location from. Unlike anime with multiple locations, we’ll just stick with the one that’s a best fit for this; E-Class.

Sadly there’s no pictures so you’ll have to just imagine the classmates sat on the grassy verge near the campus watching Korosensei throwing down with Fubuki or Naruto in a one-on-one match.

But more importantly, we’d have to have the opening theme tune, perhaps performed in the background by said characters;